Episode #27 Medicinal Mushrooms with Sachin Patel

Alex Manos Podcast Sachin Patel

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Alex Manos Podcast Sachin Patel

About This Episode

In episode #27 of The Alex Manos Podcast I speak with Sachin Patel.

We discuss:

  • Self-empowerment and resilience as the key to living a healthy vibrant life
  • The power of medicinal mushrooms

Sachin’s website is: https://thelivingproofinstitute.com/sachin-patel/

Episode Links

  • Anti-Obesity Effects of Medicinal and Edible Mushrooms: click here
  • Antiviral Agents From Fungi: Diversity, Mechanisms and Potential Application: click here
  • Medicinal mushrooms as an attractive new source of natural compounds for future cancer therapy: click here
  • B-glucans from Grifola frondosa and Ganoderma lucidum in breast cancer: an example of complementary and integrative medicine: click here
  • Medicinal Mushrooms in Human Clinical Studies. Part I. Anticancer, Oncoimmunological, and Immunomodulatory Activities: A Review: click here
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