Work with Alex

Work with Alex

Below are a list of my available services. Health is a journey, it is not a destination, and it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Optimising our health often requires incremental change and thus regular contact with a coach/mentor, over an extended period of time, is often the most effective way for us to achieve our goals.

So working with me is a collaboration. We walk alongside one another, exploring all facets of life and how they might be supporting, or inhibiting, optimal health.

I appreciate this isn’t always possible and thus I offer a range of options in the hope one fits your current circumstances and needs.

1.5 hour Online Initial Consult

Schedule a one-off online consultation with Alex.


60 Minute Follow Up Online Consult

Consult with Alex with a one-off consult.


30 Minute Follow Up Online Consult

ISchedule a 30 minute follow up consultation.


3 Month Program

A six consultation package with support in between sessions.


Health Optimisation Program

Annual Contract

Weekly coaching utilising all of Alex’s skills and experience.


Health Optimisation Program

Six Months

Weekly coaching utilising all of Alex’s skills and experience.


Please note these costs do not include any recommended functional testing, supplements or health tech.

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